Vollyspot is a volunteer management company who work with festivals and events in providing excellence of service in volunteer programs. Our aim is to engage and reward our volunteers through caring consideration for their needs on site, ensuring a happy and helpful team for each festival we work with.

Having worked with a diverse range of events across Australia our data base of volunteers is growing rapidly. The active base of workers we possess enables us to aid festivals and events in a time efficient manner. From start to finish, we aim to be your greatest asset on site while requiring minimal time and effort.

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Who we are:

In 2016 Pat and Justin began building the idea of a volunteer application that gave back to the volunteers that used it. Evolving out of a few experiences that lacked the heart and community they expected, ‘Vollyspot’ was created with a grounding in the care and support they felt vollys should receive.

With backgrounds in hospitality, advertising and events management the experience and dedication shown to deliver 100% has meant each event or festival they work with has been completed with a no-stone-unturned attitude of delivering a perfect product.