The Basics:

I want to be a volunteer. What does it involve?

Being a volunteer is an amazing way to experience a festival. You get to work alongside like-minded people, and watch your favorite bands for free!

You may be involved with giving out wristbands, car parking, coordinating camping sites, giving information, cleaning or just keeping an eye on things. We’re here to help you have the best possible experience. You will be assigned to a volunteer team based on the festival’s needs and requirements, as well as your skills. During the application process you will get the opportunity to list these down. Don’t undersell yourself! You will be expected to work around 6 to 8 hours.This changes depending on each festival. That leaves you with plenty of time to sit back (or stand up), relax (or get down) and enjoy yourself.

What do I get?

Being part of the Vollyspot team has its perks!

You will receive:

  • A festival pass, info pack and uniform

  • Access to camping facilities at the festival

  • A limited edition Vollyspot t-shirt which you rock post-festival

Being a volunteer sounds pretty awesome. What are the requirements?

  • First things first, you have to be 18 or over on the date arrival.

  • Be early! You must arrive at the festival site no later than three hours before your briefing. This is important for things to run smoothly – we want to get you in and out of your shift as quickly as possible so that you can have time to enjoy your festival experience! If you have an early start, get in touch, you might be welcome to arrive a day early (we’re not monsters).

  • Be available for a quick 15-minute briefing before your shift.

  • Be available to work up to 8 - 12 hours (split into shifts) at any time during the event.

  • Wear a crew high visibility vest while working.

  • Documentation that proves your right to work/ volunteer in Australia.

  • A good attitude.

  • Does it cost me anything?

  • $1+ to verify your credit card.

  • A few hours of your time.


How do I apply?

Sign up. It’s free, it’s easy and you can do it HERE  

Keep your eye on your inbox – we will be sending you important information regarding application deadlines.

Apply for the festival of your choice.

We operate on a first-come-first-served basis. The earlier you organize this, the higher the preference when it comes to choosing your shifts. So early bird, worm. We will keep the application open until all position have been filled.

When do I find out if I have a Vollyspot?

After you have applied, we will review your information and offer you a Vollyspot. If you accept the position (and why wouldn’t you?), we will need a credit card to confirm your spot .

First in, best dressed. However, we will also give preference to volunteers that we have had a good working experience with.

We will refuse applications for one of the following reasons:

1.     The applicant does not fulfill the festival’s criteria

2.     If the applicant has been blacklisted by Vollyspot, another volunteer management company or festival staff organization

Why is there a Volly Agreement?

This is to ensure that you turn up to your shift rather than disappearing in a flurry of beers and costumes after five minutes. We need to be sure that Vollys will honor their commitment, and the best way to do it is to get it in writing.

You will not be offered a shift unless you agree to the volunteer agreemant. We ask that all Volly applications read the Agreement prior to agreeing to it.

When do I find out about my shift?

We will always try and notify you of your shifts at least a month before the festival. Some Vollyspots are late notice so if you apply later you will generally find out later.

Will everyone who applies be successful?

Unfortunately, no. The amount of applications we receive is often more than the number of Volly spots. Although we would love to work with each and every one of you, we cannot. So, apply early!


Why do you need my credit card details?

You will only be asked for your credit card details if you are selected as Volly. In this case, your card will be a charged a small processing fee of $1 to $15 depending on the festival. Then, your credit card details will be securely stored until after the festival.

This is security for your Volunteer ticket. If you breach the Volunteer Agreement or the Vollyspot Rules, Terms and Conditions, your card will be charged with the cost of the ticket (including booking fee) as well as an administration fee. It’s easy to do the right thing – show up for your shift.


Can I work with friends?

Yes! We try our best to schedule friends together, although we cannot guarantee this.

Groups of friends are welcome to apply together. During the application process, make sure that you list each other’s names in your profile so that we can group you together on the shift pattern. This means you will on and off shifts at the same time, and you can enjoy your free time at the event together.

Some organizers ask that we keep friends separate while on-shift. This helps to prevent groups of friends hanging out instead of working. Although we always do our best to make sure that you and your friends are on the same shift pattern, please be aware that you may not be in the same department as your friends while on shift. That’s alright – that’s what the dance floor is for.

What if my shifts clash with my favorite band?

We understand that that huge DJ from Berlin is the reason why you have chosen to be a Volly. We are working on an initiative whereby Vollys are able to nominate an “Unmissable Band”. Then, we will do our very best to schedule your shift so you can throw shapes on the dance floor when old mate is playing. Please note that this will not be a guarantee, and should be taken into consideration when you are applying to be a volunteer.


What if I need assistance?

Vollyspot is an equal opportunity employer. Notify your Manager if there is something that you would like us to be aware of. This may include accessibility, welfare needs and/ or medical conditions. We respect your privacy. You can also register medical conditions with First Aid during the festival, and they will be able to refrigerate any medication that you need.


Missed shift!

Failure to attend shifts will result in you being blacklisted from further events, many festivals are known to pass on names of those blacklisted ruining your chances to volunteer in the future. For every person that misses any one of their volunteering shifts without a justified reason, Vollyspot will charge them the ADMINISTRATION FEE + A FULL PRICE TICKET , and they will be asked not to volunteer with Vollyspot again. We will also pass their details on to the festival organisers on site and if found you will be removed from the festival. If you miss a shift but provide a health or other emergency reason, we may ask for evidence to support a refund of any charges incurred. The easiest thing to do is show up for your assigned shifts and if you have any questions or know you will miss your shift, contact us as early as possible.

I want to cancel my application.

We receive more applications than we have positions, so, as long as you cancel your application within the cut off dates there won't be an issue. However, once we get closer to the festival start date, positions are locked in and replacing volunteers becomes tricky and canceling can result in  you being blacklisted or charged an admin fee + ticket price. The admin fee is simply a calculation of the time lost processing your application (that's right, it's done by humans!)

I have just bought a ticket for the festival, before hearing about your amazing service. Can this be refunded if I volunteer?

This is not in our hands, but the hands of the specific festival. Generally festivals are happy to do this and we can help you figure out how to sell your ticket if the need arises.