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Melbourne - NYD 19


Freedom Time NYD

Alright you hooners, we’re back for another New Years Day with a face meltingly special line-up — this time, with stages co-curated with Wax’o ParadisoSkylab Radio & our own Freedom Time Live Stage. Shining light on the magnitude of local live talent and bringing to Melburn some of our favourite underground party starters, we’ve crafted this roll-call to proudly sing out about the many corners of our scene and the sonic explorations that have made it so.

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Key Dates:

30/10/18 - Volunteer Applications Open

06/12/18 - 1st Round Applicants Contacted

13/12/18 - 2nd Round Applicants Contacted

17/12/18 - Cancellation Deadline

01/01/19 - Festival Live